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Hop To It

Written by J. Montgomery Buchanan

Kangoos will improve posture, while they give you a full cardio workout. You only have to worry when you’re not moving. Mario Jone’t Green’s classes show you how to use these fabulous, unique fitness shoes.

In the year 2010, anyone can read a paper, access the Internet, communicate with a healthcare specialist or look at the party photos in noiZe, know the importance of regular exercise. Yet for some of us, the thought of stepping foot in a gym fills us with the type of fear and loathing usually reserved for the dentist’s chair. This feeling of dread is often misinterpreted or misunderstood as laziness. True, some of us would rather sit on our sofas with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey watching Valley of the Dolls for the 89th time. If this sounds familiar, understand that you have lost your right to complain when summer arrives and you can’t wear that bathing suit you bought in November.

Sloth, however, only accounts for a small percentage of the inactive majority. Those of us afflicted with short-attention spans are subject to mind-numbing boredom when facing a regimented and stale workout. There are those with serious injuries or weakness of joints who must be cautious of any activity above low impact. This is a serious issue, and neglecting this concern could result in sacrificing mobility permanently.

If any of these problems stand between you and the fitness and health you desire, look no further. That chiseled Circuit boy body really is attainable. Start your road to physical salvation with a visit to

Fitness expert Mario Jone’t Green is currently based in New York, but he has worked extensively and is especially well known in Chicago. For over seven years, he has taught at Crunch gyms. Mario is certified in Mat Pilates, Body Web TRX, BOSU/Kickboxing, and Cardio Dance. A fitness nut since age 18, he wants to motivate and inspire others to attain the highest level of physical fitness they can achieve.

From the testimonials of those who have taken his classes, you quickly discover that he is a strongly charismatic leader with a big heart and a tower of strength to those he touches with his message and support. He drives his students and clients to obtain their goals, and his success rate is staggering. His charisma and strong personality is based in his extensive theater and dance education and background. His dance resume includes work with famous performers like Madonn, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys, Kevin Aviance, and Kristine W.

Childhood obesity and losing his mother at an early age made him realize that he could be destined to the same fate if he did not make significant changes in his exercise and eating habits. The fact that he has been there himself motivates him to help others make the choices that will lead them to living longer, richer lives.

‘Safe, Low-Impact Rebound Sports Shoes’

It was not until three years ago at a fitness expo that Mario was introduced to the product that would define his career. The Kangoo Jump boot had just arrived on these shores, having already caught fire in Europe. He approached this newfangled exercise apparatus with the same skeptical eye that most have at first sight of the boot.

He has since become a true believer: “Kangoo Jumps are safe, low-impact rebound sport shoes, providing many great health benefits for everyone, any age,” he says. “They are so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising to get into better shape. Because you are rebounding against gravity, you are burning up to 50 percent more calories than in normal shoes. They promote rapid weight loss, induce endorphins and euphoria, and increase energy. Never has a sport been so enjoyable, safe, and easy to learn. I’m big because I lift heavy weights, and I’m chiseled because I use Kangoo Jumps.”

The boots are of molded plastic like ski boots, but much more flexible. They have to be because you run in them. At the bottom is attached an ellipse with tension bands (like a Soloflex machine) that flattens and pulls out as you move. The effect is not unlike a micro-trampoline, with the same feeling of defying gravity. The boot not only puts a spring in your step, but it also turns any low-impact aerobic activity into a major calorie-burning event. The theory is that your muscles work twice as hard to stay in motion because of the give in your step. There is very little stress put on your joints so the boot is safe and even beneficial for those with injuries or joint problems. 

The result is a lean, toned lower body, while the upper body benefits from the act of balancing. You use muscles to remain balanced while moving—muscles that you wouldn’t use wearing an athletic shoe. The consistent tension works to tone the upper body and create a chiseled torso with improved posture. The only time you have to worry about falling, ironically, is when you are standing perfectly still. You move, you’re fine. You stand still, you fall. Great motivation!

Not Only Safe But Healing

Set to the music of Lady GaGa, Mario works the class into what can best be described as a “life-affirming frenzy.” Watching the footage of a class on YouTube makes you want to immediately throw down the $200 for the boots, strap on your iPod, and go for a marsupial jaunt through the park.

Mario is quick to emphasize the versatility of the boot, which can be worn for running, dancing, cross training, toning, and weight loss, but is often used for its original purpose, injury rehabilitation. In fact, the boot is known to improve posture, balance and coordination and can be used on any surface except sand and ice.

In only three years, Mario has introduced the Kangoo Jump to every corner of the country. He has taught classes in San Francisco, St Louis and Miami. The Chicago Tribune called his class at Crunch the “Best Workout in Chicago.” Mario has appeared on news shows in New York, St. Louis, Chicago, and on The Today Show. His next appearance is set for May 14, when he will make a “Kangoo convert” of Tyra Banks on her popular talk show.

In the coming year, Mario plans to reach everyone in America with his message that fitness is fun when you are wearing Kangoo Jumps. His dream, he says, “is to have Times Square filled with people of all ages dancing in Kangoo Jumps. If his current success continues, we could definitely see a mass of marsupials in the middle of Manhattan.

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