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Rihanna/ Good Girl Gone Bad Remixes


It’s April and Rihanna’s already had a year.  But despite the Chris Brown beat down and the rampant herpes allegations, it’s nice to know that she and her label still make time to appease her dance music fans and the mob of gays that love her.  At first glance this looks like the American version of the bonus disc from the European import version of the original album, but there’s actually quite a bit more to appreciate here.  Firstly, all the remixes are in radio edit format, presumably to make it more digestible to the masses who don’t understand full length mixes (Weirdos), and maybe a little more palatable to the drunken A.D.D. guests at your next pool party.  Secondly it contains remixes of the bonus tracks from the Reloaded re-release of the album, “Take A Bow” and “Disturbia”, done by Jody Den Broeder and Tony Moran & Warren Rigg respectively.  The disc is rounded out with the previously domestically-unavailable Lindbergh Palace mix of “Umbrella.”

Reader Comments

i like remix

By ali on 05-19-2009

i like this remix!!!!!

By roberto calvillo camarillo on 08-12-2010

parents slhuod be raising their kids not letting TV do it 100% agree! EVERY artist no matter who they are (and I don’t care what ANYONE says) is gunna release a song or video or magazine shoot or something to which we all find to much for children because they are meant to be a role model Unfortunately, these people are GROWN and are gunna wanna do grown people things, it then just falls down to the parent to do just that and parent!!Secondly, as for this Remix, FYAAHHH I loved it!!! Now I know everyone is jumping on the OMG I can’t beleieve they would be so stupid, she would let a man that tried to kill her collab with her etc It’s called life and it’s called his life and her life not OURS!! So if they have chosen to forgive (but just remember never forget) and decided to collab together then so be it .No one person is perfect and how many people do we know that have had something bad happen to them by someone but to this present day still speak to or do things with that person whether it be go on a night out or go the movies or something .Only difference is these people are artists and are famous but are still in the same situation as every other HUMAN BEING out there All you people saying its disgusting need to step off Yes she has female fans and young fans and yes it may not be sending out the message YOU want but these two people are living their lives and are never ever gunna please everyone, if they tried to do that they would wind up never doing anything cause nothing can please everyone.I’m all for this Remix I love it and believe in people moving on! Go RiRi & Breezy xx

By Miera on 06-12-2012


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